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m   o   d   u   l   e   s

Morbido News Web Server

WEB  Server SDK
The SDK server-side of the system is constituted by the ASC server, which pursues the management of the files kept in the system.
It serves as the connector between the clients and the database or other server-side components and controls the protocols of communication and data traffic.
It supervises multimedia traffic under media security levels and user access rights.
Manages the archiving process (of movement and
distribution of imported files, between memory and archive units) and provides the path of the files to the client machine, following the management of the necessary access levels.

Morbido News Virtual SAN

Manage editing stations and distribute shared workspaces by mounting the shares directly on clients thanks to the innovative Virtual SAN
Super Fast Video Encoder Engine

Morbido News Web Client 

Web Client Builder
This is the "front end" module, with which users interact with the MAM system. It is used by users to access all the functions of the MAM system, such as transcoding, trimming, merging, editing clips as well as basic functions such as importing, browsing, searching.
The system posses built-in user & group management system rights.
The Client also includes the Asset Viewer Media, manager and player of media (videos, documents, images, audio) with advanced navigation functions, inserter of
watermark and text, in-out marking points, regions of interest, metadata marking management, choosing and mixing audio channels, head and tail marking.
Specific management of video media, concentrating the user on this type of activity without wasting time, including only audio assets, images.

Create and Edit PDF, Word and Excel Files in Your Web Applications, edit , convert and save all videos and images formats!

Morbido Play

  • Realtime Playlist seeking,SlowMotion,Trim editor

  • Automated Graphics rules

  • External Event (Live, Command, CG graphics) 

  • Playlist & Content Scheduling

  • Drag and Drop

  • Multi-select copy-paste and advanced Playlist editor

  • Playlist timeline

  • Management of playlist’s gap fill with secondary playlist

  • File,URL,WEB,SRT or Live input

  • Cg playout

  • Cg editor

  • Advanced Multilevel Graphic Engine plus Editor

  • Playlist Manager and full editor client

  • External event control ,gpi,matrix

  • More more more more...

Morbido Play, Ingest Delivery formats


IP 2110-2022







Morbido News , Play , Ingest Media Codecs

  • Uncompressed 4:2:2 8bit

  • Uncompressed 4:2:2 10bit

  • DV Video / DVCPRO-HD

  • Intel QuickSync H.264 Encoder

  • Intel QuickSync SW H.264 Encoder

  • Intel QuickSync HW H.264 Encoder

  • NVIDIA NVEnc H.264 Encoder

  • NVIDIA NVEnc H.264 Lossless Encoder

  • NVIDIA NVEnc H.265 (HEVC) Encoder

  • CUDA H.264 Video Encoder

  • Cisco libopenh264 H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Encoder

  • libx264 H.264 / AVC / MPEG-4 AVC / MPEG-4 part 10,

  • Intel QuickSync HEVC Encoder,x265 H.265/HEVC,

  • FLV / Sorenson Spark / Sorenson H.263 (Flash Video)

  • HuffYUV VC-1,

  • MJPEG (Motion JPEG),

  • MPEG-1 Video,

  • FFV1

  • MPEG-2 Video,

  • MPEG-4 part 2 Video

  • Apple ProRes

  • Windows Media Video 8

  • OpenJPEG JPEG 2000

  • Google VP8

  • AMD AMF H.264 Encoder

  • AMD AMF H.265 (HEVC) Encoder

  • libvpx VP9

  • DNxHD (Digital Nonlinear Extensible High Definition)

  • QuickTime Animation (RLE) video

  • AV1

  • NDI QT 

Morbido News , Play , Ingest Container

  • MPEG Program Stream

  • MPEG Transport Stream

  • MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14)

  • MOV (QuickTime File Format)


  • XDCAM - MPEG IMX (MPEG-4 container)

  • MXF (Material eXchange Format)

  • MXF D-10 (Material eXchange Format D-10 Mapping)

  • GXF (General eXchange Format)

  • DV (Digital Video)

  • DVD Video (VOB-Files) ASF (Advanced / Active Streaming Format)

  • iPod MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14)

  • AVI (Audio Video Interleaved)

  • MKV (Matroska)

  • WebM

  • Image Sequence

  • MP3 (MPEG audio layer 3)

  • AC3 (AC3 audio files)

  • AAC (Advanced Audio Codec)

  • WAV (Wave Audio Files)

  • Ogg 

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