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Morbido SubtitleLive: Revolutionizing Communication with Teletext and Advanced Subtitling

Morbido SubtitleLive

We are excited to announce a significant evolution in the broadcasting field with our updated Morbido Multiplexer Encoder, now evolved into Morbido SubtitleLive. This cutting-edge solution not only renews the traditional teletext but also introduces revolutionary real-time subtitling technology.

The Revival of Teletext: In an era dominated by digital connectivity, Morbido SubtitleLive brings back teletext, a simple yet extremely effective means of communication. This feature allows reaching the television audience without the need for an internet connection, offering a direct and reliable channel to transmit real-time updated information such as breaking news, advertisements, weather updates, and much more. Its ease of use and reliability make it a valuable tool for a wide variety of applications.

Innovative DVBsub Subtitle Generation: Morbido SubtitleLive goes further, generating subtitles in DVBsub format for DVB from any live source, including NDI, SDI, IP, and audio. This capability translates into precise and timely subtitling, essential for live broadcasts, sports events, conferences, and all types of shows. Real-time subtitle generation opens new frontiers in content accessibility, making media more inclusive and reachable to a broader audience.

PES TS IP Stream and Complete Integration: The system not only generates a PES TS IP stream but does so in a way that can be easily integrated with a multiplexer/encoder, like our Morbido Muxer Encoder. This allows adding the subtitle stream to the DVB TS stream with the necessary tables, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted transmission. Compatibility with various formats and protocols ensures that Morbido

SubtitleLive can be integrated into any production environment, offering a versatile and scalable solution.

DSK Display and Compatibility with Morbido Play: One of the most innovative features of Morbido SubtitleLive is its ability to display subtitles in DSK on SDI, NDI, IP, or directly on our Morbido Play playout. This offers broadcasters unprecedented flexibility in subtitle management, allowing easy adaptation of content to different formats and platforms. Whether it's television broadcasts, online streaming, or live events, Morbido SubtitleLive ensures that your content is always accessible and understandable to your audience.

We invite you to discover how Morbido SubtitleLive can transform your broadcasting experience, offering a more complete, accessible, and innovative service. For more information and to see Morbido SubtitleLive in action,

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