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Morbido Play

"your story from the box"

Morbido Play is an innovative and cost-effective platform for
broadcast and media clients to digitize and play your files
content, both addition and replacement of the existing one
delivery chain. Built on Morbido  platform
Morbido Play is based on the Morbido   technology

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Morbido Play is an innovative and cost-effective platform for
broadcast and media clients to digitize and play your files
content, both addition and replacement of the existing one
delivery chain. Built on Morbido platform guaranteed perfect integration not only with other products
Morbido  package, but also third-party systems to ensure a high level
flexible and scalable end-to-end solution. Morbido Play
designed to deliver and play high-quality video transmitted through a proxy,
SD, HD and UHD formats and support for various inputs / outputs
or a combination of local / central storage and built-in backup

Now, Media Companies can have a resilient, cost-effective video
playout, and streaming platform, provisioned with powerful user
applications and tools with MorbidoPlay, now with Meta Facebook integration


Play all files nad stream like srt,youtube live,hls and more

Flexible Codec Support ,supports a very wide range of software codecs ensuring broad interoperability. Industry-standard wrappers such as QuickTime & MXF are supported, allowing seamless workflow integration with third-party NLEs and various production tools.
Supports many different codecs and containers interpolations. All formats can be played out back-to-back seamlessly, including a mix of SD and HD up to 8k with hdr 10 bit, on the same timeline, with dynamic cross-, up- and down-conversion of the video signal, as well as aspect ratio modifications. Innovative System Architecture  can work either with its own local storage, directly attached to a SAN, to a NAS, or in a hybrid configuration.


With Live Picture in Picture and L-Shape

Fully Integrated Graphics Engine offers an optional embedded graphics engine, which makes design and playout of CGs, crawlers, tickers, lower thirds, logos, full frame graphics and complex  animations a breeze. A wide range of setup options offers unique flexibility and facilitates graphics production and playout. The CG editor features: • MPEG Program Stream • MPEG Transport Stream • Real-time preview • Tree objects • Groups align • Shadows outline • Text editor • Z order • Freehand position and scale Editor Objects include: • Text • Shapes • Images • Image sequences plus alpha channel • Video plus alpha channel • Ticker • Crawl text • Roll text • Banner


The system can be controlled using local control or its API protocol making it simple to integrate with 3rd party MAM, NRCS, and Playout control or automation. Ready to go and future-proof also helps bridge the gap to highly anticipated IP delivery methods as it provides support not only for SDI but also IP ingest and streaming. The System is  highly configurable and flexible design ensures future scalability and compatibility, allowing customers to start small and later grow their system when the need arises.


In summary, Morbido Play is a comprehensive solution that offers advanced automation, graphics & titling, ingest, and flexibility capabilities to support the management and transmission of television content

Automation Playout

Morbido Play offers a highly automated playout solution, allowing for the scheduling and transmission of TV programs and commercials with precision and accuracy.

Graphics & Titling

The system includes advanced graphic and titling capabilities, providing a range of tools for creating logos, charts, animations, and more, enabling customization and cohesive branding for the broadcaster.


includes a powerful ingest system that allows for the acquisition of video content from multiple sources, such as external cameras and video recorders, enabling centralized management of all video content.


The system is highly flexible, providing a scalable solution that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each broadcaster.

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