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Morbido Intercomincloud

"your call from the box"

Morbido Intercomincloud: Your solution for simple, high-quality live interviews. Easily add remote guests with HD video and clear audio. Full integration with Morbido for limitless live production.

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Morbido Intercomincloud simplifies adding remote guests to your Morbido production. Using just a web browser and a webcam, guests can connect to your live broadcast with HD video and high-quality audio from anywhere in the world. It's versatile for receiving signals from users and external control rooms, and for distributing return signals to external crews. With a latency of just 120 ms, signals can be converted and redistributed in NDI, SDI, and IP formats.

EASY TO USE Morbido Intercomincloud is the simplest way to integrate guests into your live production. Just add a new Morbido Intercomincloud entry to Morbido and share the provided website with the guest for login. This process can be repeated for multiple guests, 

PROBLEM-FREE AUDIO Morbido Intercomincloud integrates Automatic Mix Minus for each remote guest, eliminating echo and saving time. This feature ensures high-quality full-duplex audio even in challenging conditions. Manual audio control is also available, with the ability to customize the return audio to the guest from one of the four audio buses available in Morbido (Master, Headphones, A, and B).

FULLY INTEGRATED Take advantage of all the advanced production features in Morbido while setting up your call. Morbido supports multiple overlay channels, virtual sets, and templates that can be used to enhance your production and impress your viewers. Everything needed for any live show is included, such as integrated streaming to your preferred providers, integrated recording, and much more.

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